We are specialised in Repairing and Restoring. We have decades of experience and we use professional products and equipments.

Below you can see some of the repairing and restoring works that we can provide.
In particular, you will see pictures of some reparings like gluing different parts such as bridges or broken necks, and internal parts as well, such as loose braces, bridge plates etc. You will also see pictures of repairs on mechanical parts, from an easy guitar set-up, to a complete neck reset. We also repair electronic parts, jacks with malfunctions and we replace or fix, selectors, potentiometers, pick-ups and so on. We can mount electric equipment to acoustic instruments.

We can also simply replace your strings or clean your instrument if required.

Examples of our works:

Fret reset.

Example of neck reset needed.

Neck rest with correct string action.

Repairing or replacing of saddles and nuts.

Neck reset in process.

Electronics repairing.

Total and partial refret.

Repairing, gluing or replacing of internal parts.
Finding historical documentation for original parts reconstruction.
Oscar Smith Stella here.

 Repairing, gluing or replacing of internal parts.

Deformed soundboard recovery.
12 stings Eko Ranger 1980s.

Long crack repairing.

Loose braces repairing.

Loose or detached bridge re-gluing.

Original Martin guitar bridge reconstruction.

Soundboard repair before and after.

Crack repairing before and after.

Mandolin before and after.

Soundboard repair before and after.

Bridge repair before and after.

Mandolin before and after.

Violin before and after.

Amplification of classic guitar before and after.

Guitar heel before and after.

Soundboard repair before and after.

Repairing cracks on ukulele before and after.

Mandolin neck repair before and after.

Recovery form another previous repair (broken neck) before and after.

Antique tuners reconstruction before and after.

Violin polishing before and after.

Saddles and nuts repair before and after.

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